Reading in the Rain

We had a nice rain yesterday. A wonderful thunderstorm. So, I decided to read. It was blissful. (It makes me happy that you can see the rain on the window ^_^)

So I sat there and read for about 2+ hours. And it was so amazing. I opened my window, and it had cooled down so much.. there was a nice breeze coming into my room. (Which resulted in many hilarious texts from me to Hannah.E… “Oh, honey dear.. please remove your shoes, for I love to see your footies!!”. Yeah… We’re special ^_^)

I’m a big fan of this summer. For multiple reasons, but one of which is that I’m rediscovering the amazingness of getting lost in a fiction book. During the school year, I have a tendency to forget how awesome it is. I’m going to do my hardest to have at least a *little* bit of fun reading during the school year… that’ll be happy ^_^


One thought on “Reading in the Rain

  1. Hannah says:

    “no no. Don’t take them socks off. I might just lose my head…and we might just end up with a lamb. Let us not temp ourselves plz.”

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