Knittin’ with Handspun

Making another Ellie Hat, just like the white one. But this time it’s with my handspun. Which just makes me happy…

It’s a very rewarding feeling to not only be making yourself a hat, but to have spun the yarn for it as well.

It’s fun being able to say “Thanks, I spun this myself!” when people ask about the yarn… then seeing their reaction if they’re non-knitters (which are fondly known as “muggles” haha :-P)

I was worried that since it’s so stinking hot in Texas right now, that I’d kinda loose my knitting mojo for a bit due to sweaty hands and just icky hot/humidness in general… but thankfully, no. It may be 107 degrees right now, but I will continue to knit!

I love it that much ^_^ And I love air conditioning, haha. Very much :-P


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