Manu and Poker

Okay, so remember the amazingly awesome vacation to Branson, Missouri… and all the knitting that got done and that was gotten and it was just AMAZING? Well, one of the nights, I cast on something that I’ve been wanting to do ever since I saw it… which was when I joined Ravelry (which was… a loooong time ago, haha)

And before I show you what it is, let me tell you that when I cast this on.. it was probably around 12:00 am, and half-ish of the kids were downstairs in the basement… watching poker. Why we were watching poker, I’m not sure, but it made for good memories… and so those memories are now attached to this sweater ^_^

I cast on… Manu by Kate Davies! The yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed.. SH157, and the lot is “20F6”.

Obviously, it’s been awhile since then. And for awhile.. it was kind of languishing. But over the past couple of weeks, my family and I have gone on family outings that are compatible with projects that I can work on and walk around on at the same time. I love family outings like that

(actually, one of those outings was going to go see the Rembrandt painting and sketches exhibit that was at the Houston Art Museum from London. It was kinda really epic.)

So now, I’m about 5 inches short of where I need to be to divide for the arm holes, I believe. My size, the smallest size, called for 16 inches…But that put the pockets at an uncomfortable place for my hands. So I’m going for 17 inches… which then makes the pockets comfortable for me, and it’s all happy ^_^

I love garter stitch boarders, they just make me happy for some reason. It was a provisional cast on (hence the blue. So the blue won’t be there in the end, btw, non-knitter people) and there’s an applied i-cord (or iCord, however you wanna look at it :-P) edging. Which I’ve only done once.. a long time ago. So it’ll be cool :-)

The whole sweater has a lot of different techniques that I haven’t really done a whole lot before, so I’ll really enjoy this, I think. Who doesn’t love learning stuff? Especially about knitting?


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