FO!!: London Mitts

So. About two weeks ago, I got into one of those knitting moods where you just *have* to make something that’s relatively instant gratification. Something that you can really see your progress and feel good about yourself.

I needed to work on something with definitely instant gratification. Knitting depression… it can happen. It’s no joke, people… :-P

So, I popped onto Ravelry (the place of wonderousness and major distractions) to see if I could find anything that really spoke to me. (Once again, this is no joke, people. In order to feel good about a project, it must *speak* to the knitter :-P) And I was definitely successful.

Andrea’s Mitts by Kristen Kapur of the Through the Loops blog (and there’s actually a matching shawl that goes along with the mitts)

(^_^… the book… ^_^)

Yarn was totally stash yarn. Sublime Yarns Extra Fine Merino Wool DK and leftover from the Zuaberball I got in London, and used for my Spectra, which I called London Streets. So knitting with it brings back happy memories of our travels from last year :-P

I really like how the colors worked out…. so perfect :-P

They were so so easy. But they were different enough to keep my interest and made me keep going. The construction was very cool, before I got the pattern, I had no clue how it was made. I was pleasantly surprised :-P

Yeah, they’re pretty awesome, I love them. Annnnd they smell good :-P


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