Yoda’s Feet are Cute. Hee ^_^

I’m expanding my sock horizon, by trying the Afterthought Heel by Laura Linneman of theKnitGirllls (who I love and adore)

instead of doing the sock pattern I have in my head, which is cast on 40 stitches on size US3s, and just continue to knit away… doing all the things that a sock needs.

Which is awesome, with that pattern I can usually whip out a pair of socks in a couple of days, depending on how much time I have to knit.

But. I want an adventure.

The purple line is where the heel is going to go. I have no idea how exactly it’s put in, but I’m just going to follow the instructions and hopefully it’ll all be okay :-P

This yarn is called.. The Green Life from Lollipop Yarns. It’s a 75% superwash/25% nylon blend, so really happy happy for socks :-P

Though, these socks (er, *sock*, haha :-P) went with me on the vacation to Branson. And as a result were around while many memories and jokes were made. So, I’m going to call these socks “Yoda’s Feet are Cute” or “YFC” :-P

I actually started out trying it with two circular needles. Just because I had never done anything that way before. I wasn’t a huge fan.. I prefer DPNs for socks. I hope to try two at a time sometime in the near future. Just for fun, because it… supposedly saves time? haha :-P


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