The Ellie Beanie ^_^

I am a sucker for the following things..

1) cute hat patterns. That are also easy.

2) hat patterns that take hardly any time at all to not a whole lot of brain power.

3) hat patterns that evoke thoughts of “Oh, HEY! I have yarn for this in my stash! BRILLIANT!”

4) hat patterns that don’t also use a ton a yarn, which is also good if you don’t have a lot of whatever you want in said stash.

5) hats that have fun inspiration behind them.

and 6) hats that inspire me to make a billion of them in different color combinations. Just because I can, and the crazy knitter inside me is screaming “MUST MAKE HATS IN ALL THE COLORS”… Which, I’m totally okay with. I love my inner crazy knitter ^_^

True, that’s only 6 things out of tons and tons and tons of things that make me go weak at the knees. But that list is way too long. Let’s not go there, haha.

In other words, the list was a very round-about way to say that I’ve cast something on, eh heh ^_^

It’s totally okay though. Because it’s just a little project. Won’t take any time at all.

This is the Ellie Beanie by Sarah Cherney of the Knitted Fox Trot blog (who is extremely sweet and adorable)

She’s actually having a giveaway on her blog, where you can enter to win your very own Ellie Beanie. The drawing is going to be on June 22nd, so better hurry over there and find out how to enter!

I’m using some white Classic Elite Liberty Wool that I’ve had in my stash for awhile now. So that’s cool to get it out and in use :-P I’m so excited about this beanie, it’s SO ADORABLE. And the pom-pom? OH my goodness.

And I’m also a huge fan of Ellie Goulding, she’s definitely one of my favorite artists. So it’s pretty cool that this hat is based off of one that she wears :-) True, her’s is orange, and mine is white. But, I’ll find some orange yarn eventually :-P

I think this would be a really cute hat for handspun too… So many ideas, so little time :-P


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