Buttons for Salsa and Cookies ^_^

I’ve made major progress on the Que Sera/Salsa and Cookies cardigan, it’s coming along mighty fine ^_^

I’m just about done with the body part, so I’ll be putting the fronts on holders while I work on the back :-)

I think I’ll definitely get good use out of this cardigan. Because it’s 100% organic cotton, it’s not hot or will get icky sweaty quickly in Houston. And it’s SO SOFT. It’s like insanely soft, for being all cotton. I don’t know how it’s so soft.

Plus, my mom and I stopped at Joann’s today, and I picked up some buttons.

I think they’ll go really well. I ended up getting a little bit bigger sized buttons then the pattern called for (which was 3/8″) because of the nature of the yarn and the fact that it is a little thick, that I want to make sure it stays buttoned when I button it. Plus the buttonholes are a pretty nice size, so I have no worries :-)


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