FY!: Wish Upon a Star (and legit driving ^_^)

Finished that fiber! I actually did really well on this one, I spun it all in two days. Plied it in one evening. Then washed it. And tada!

This is the Wish Upon a Star, which was my “dream batt” from my Bullseye Bump club which I got for my birthday. it was 5.2oz, so pretty decently sized. It had merino, corriedale, nylon, and angelina in it.

And I got 330 yards of a DK weight. I’m prettyyyy happy with it. Plus, it’s soft, smushy, and SPARKLY. Gotta love the sparkle ^_^

And believe it or not, the colors are actually extremely accurate. The pink really is that… amazing, haha. Isn’t it like the coolest pink in the world? Especially mixed with those colors.. When you see it, it’s like “WOAH, hallo. Big big.. pink. Ooooo”

I’m so happy with it! I can’t wait to figure out what I’m going to do with it. Whatever it’ll end up being, it’ll be epiccccc.

Also. In a non-knitted related topic. Something really happy happened today.

I got my driver’s license. ^_^

and I’m kinda really really excited about it. And I don’t have to worry about the test anymore, hallelujah.

Which it probably doesn’t really sound or seem like that big of a deal, but.. to me, it’s huge. So I’m excited ^_^

And I definitely definitely couldn’t have gotten through the whole thing without my parents teaching me, and sticking to it even though I wasn’t the easiest person to teach sometimes. And everyone’s prayers and encouraging words, you have no idea how much they all meant to me. I really really *really* appreciate it :-)

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