FY(finished yarn)!!: My mom’s Birthday Batt ^_^

After many weeks… I finally finished spinning my mom’s birthday Loop batt ^_^ It’s spun, plied, washed, and dried. (I… didn’t try and make that rhyme, I promise, haha. It just kinda happened :-P)

And as hard as I tried, pictures cannot do the colors justice… at all.

They are so brilliantly vibrant and gorgeous. But not in a gaudy or ridiculous way.

One of the reasons why I think it’s absolutely amazing is the fact that it definitely resembles TARDIS colors. Like a lot, it’s almost perfect, haha. Ehhh heehee ^_^

She asked me for the yarn and then for a shawl idea that would be good for the yarn. And I came up with the Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki. The yarn I spun will be in the place of the red (in the pictures on her website) and my mom got an off-white to be in place of the grey. It’ll be really pretty, I think.

I managed to get 446 yards, which I’m so happy about.. that means my mom will have 6 yards left over. Because the contrasting color of the pattern calls for 440 yards. Phew, haha.

I also want to spin myself one of my many Loop batts (and there’s an update tonight, and I kinda really wanna get one, eeeheehee ^_^) for a Stripe Study Shawl as well… just because, it would be handspun. How cool is that?

Also, today. was very awesome. because I started my summer job… teaching a knitting class at my LYS, Yarntopia .. and I stocked shelves. And it was so much fun… I mean, it’s yarn. and teaching (awesome) kids how to knit. How can you go wrong? I’m so excited ^_^

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