Prairie Fire, woot woot!!!

So, I’ve kinda been talking a lot about this vacation I went on. Anyone confused? Yeah, sorry about that :-P I’m here today, everyone, to clear things up. And share awesome pictures, remember amazing memories, feel so extremely blessed that I have such amazing friends, and tell you a condensed version of what went on :-p

On the 18th of May. My parents and I woke up at 4:30 AM to get on an airplane to fly to Oklahoma City, to then head to Ponca City (my hometown, woot woot!!) where I would then graduate (for the second time, oh yes) on Saturday.

Graduation happened, things were awesome, I can’t even begin to tell you how many amazing people came and so extremely sweet and generous. There was a dance, it was SO EPIC, oh my goodness. Dancing… definitely the best way to celebrate graduation ^_^

We then flew home on… Monday morning, early early, for I, in fact, had my last ballet recital on Monday night (yeah, we were so uberly busy. We became biffles, even more so, with Southwest, haha :-P) The recital was so amazing, like really. A few tears were shed, but they were bittersweet tears. I’ll be back to take classes, oh yes, I’ll be back.

Then, on Wednesday, the 23rd of May, we all hopped back onto a plane and flew directly to Branson, MO. Where then began an amazingly amazingly awesome week with some wonderful friends, where many jokes (many many many) were created, so many calories burned (thanks to the laughter) so many calories were had (thanks to the good food, but the laughter balanced it out, it was all good ^_^) and a certain (EPIC) bluegrass band, Prairie Fire, won *3rd* place at the Silver Dollar City Youth Bluegrass competition.

What’s really awesome, is that Prairie Fire has a facebook page, where you can check out band pictures and various videos they’ve posted. Head on over there, and give it a like, you definitely won’t regret it :-P

Here’s the video of their performance on the second day.. Which is absolutely amazing and epic. I am proud to be their friend :-P

And you can watch their performance on the first day on their facebook page and their youtube page.

The competition ended on Sunday, and after that till Wednesday, we just partied up a storm. Sardines till 1:30 almost every night. Lots of good food. Singing in the car. Silver Dollar City. Chips and salsa (that was dubbed the food of the trip, haha. We basically inhaled chips and salsa, haha)

Then, alas, the time came to an end. And we had to go back to our homes, which sadly are extremely far apart (silly distance. Silly silly distance.)

I love these girls, they mean so much to me. Our girl talks are such a blessing. They love me despite my flaws (which are big) they listen, give me advice, make me laugh no matter what.

They are my sisters. Both in Christ, and in spirit and heart. <3 <3

Yep yep, no doubt about it. I have such amazing friends, who have definitely impacted my life in so many good ways, and influenced who I am today. I’m sad distance is a problem that we have to deal with (547+ miles, which is around 10 hours driving. Yeah, it’s a problem) but that only makes the friendship sweeter when we’re together. And apart, because… distance really isn’t that big of a problem (even though it may seem like it, haha). We’ll be best friends, no matter how far away we are from each other :-)

<3 <3


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