Salted Chocolate Chunk Blondies.. and the Swedish Chef

First full day back home, and I had a sudden urge, mid unpacking, to make something that was sweet and salty. And just yum yum yum, nom nom nom, *Swedish Chef voice* bork bork bork!

I remembered I had pinned something before we left that definitely fit what I was looking for. And so… I left the packing and went to go make Salted Chocolate Chunk Blondies

Uber uber uber easy, took me about 15 minutes to throw everything together, then it takes 25 minutes to bake. Then you just let them sit and cool off completely, then cut them into little squares.

And for those of you who can never remember the whole stick-of-butter-measurements (which is probably just me. I can never remember that. As silly as it sounds, haha) I found this really cool butter converter thing… I definitely recommend it, it makes figuring out measurements really easy.

So, I made them, had to get ready for ballet, and headed to my last class (major sad :-( but I’ll be back! Yessss) let them cool while I was gone. Came back, cut them, we had dinner, a couple blondies were had, it was yum yum yum, nom nom nom, bork bork bork (which the whole “bork bork bork” thing is an inside joke, to clear up any confusion, heehee ^_^) then we continued on with life. and we got to lunch today, and here’s the current status of the pan of blondies..

They’ve kind of all magically disappeared, haha. This is a sign, that these are in fact, amazingly AMAZING. You sprinkle salt on top of the batter before you stick it in the oven. So, it’s got a really nice salty taste.

Need something sweet *and* salty? Make these little babies. You won’t be sorry :-P


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