FO!!: Embers Cowl

I’m back! I took a little vacation with some ammmmazing people… like these girls

but I’ll write more about that later :-)

For now… I have a FO that I get to share with you guys ^_^

This is the Embers Cowl designed by Amy Hendrix for Madlinetosh (which you can head on over to their website and buy the pattern for 6.00$ ^_^)

On said vacation, we may or may not have taken an (EXTREMELY AMAZING) trip to a yarn store, A New Yarn, in Springfield, MO. (which I really recommend, they have lots to choose from ^_^)

and I may or may not have gotten… a lot… of yarn. For… various.. things. Like sweaters. But, the sweaters… One is not for myself (HA! So there. It’s justifiable. Heehee ^_^) and the other two are on like size 9/10 so, they’ll go quickly. I have my reasons, they are logical (kind of, haha) and it makes it all okay.

I also got two skeins of Madelinetosh DK for the Embers cowl. They had the pattern at the store, and I couldn’t resist, haha.

The cream color was “Antique Lace” and the blue was called “Baltic”. On the vacation, many discussions were had about how much fun it would be to be able to just have a job of where you name colors. How cool would that be??

Speaking of jobs, I actually have EXTREMELY exciting news about my job this summer. But I’m going to be a bad person, and save that for another post, heh heh.

That was a big and random statement, but more about the whole cowl deal.. Did I have any mods?

Yeah, I kinda had a big major mod. I was planning on doing the smaller size, which where you cast on something like 132 (that’s not the number, but it’s somewhere around there) and then do the pattern for 18″.

18″ is like a ton. It’s.. really really long. And not very practical for Houston. So I majorly shortened it, and only made it about 10.5″/11″ I think. (which happens to be the length of the size where you cast on more stitches.)

Another mod was that I cast off in the contrasting color (which would have been Baltic. Agh, I love that color/name. Sooo much ^_^ *cough* cause it may remind me of the TARDIS. Just a little bit *cough*) to be different. I like being different, haha. Plus, I like the way it looks… which is always a good thing, haha.

I think I had a bigger needle size as well… yeah, so there were a lot of mods, kinda. Depends on your definition of “big” but.. yeah. I don’t want to ramble too much, haha.

It’s uber uber soft and squishy, and I’ll get good use out of it while I walk too and from classes this fall. When it hopefully gets cold, haha. Woot college!


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