Almost done with Wispy ^_^

(this is actually a pre-posted post, I’m currently in Branson (though, when I’m actually writing it… I’m not. But when this is posted. I will be in Branson, haha) with some amazingly awesome friends for the week. So, this is my progress as of 6-22-2012. Hopefully by the time this post is posted, I’ll be done with it.

I absolutely adore it. Like, really. It’s amazing. Totally worth the heartache at the beginning of having to pretty much start over, but not really. I’m so so so so glad I took the time to get the fit just right.

I’m kinda mixing and matching numbers when it comes to the length of various things (like the sleeves, ribbing, and body). I was going for the 8″ before the ribbing on the body. But once I hit the 8″ we’ll see how I like it.

I love love adore it. Oh yes. Oh, and check out my awesome necklace. it was my graduation present from my parents from James Avery. The charms are a G (obviously, because of my name), my birthstone for February, which is Amethyst, and then a cross to symbolize my faith in our Savior. It’s perfect :-)


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