The Journey of the Featherweight Cardigan

So, you know how lots of knitters, who are definitely not monogamous, have these projects that have literally been on the needles for almost more than a year and a half (or more) and these projects get either a ton of work done on them. Or none at all, haha.

Months pass, then all of a sudden it’s resurfaced to the top of the UFO bin, and an inch is knitted on it. Then it goes back into hiding again. Then it’s resurfaced and worked on again. Just a cycle.

That’s kinda like me and my Featherweight Cardigan, haha.

We went to see the Avengers recently (which, btw, is AMAZING. Oh my goodness. If you like those super heros, or action movies in general.. Go. See it. Now.)

And I needed theater knitting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring my Stripped Doctor Who socks, because I was too close to the toe, and there was no way I was going to be figuring out the toe decreases in the dark. No way.

We were headed out the door when I realized this, and in a panic, I grabbed something I knew I really needed to finish, not really caring what was actually in the bag. Or really remembering, is more like it, haha. So when I pulled out the project out of the bags, I realized something else. Thanks to my choice, I had to do something new, I had never done before.

I had to do the linen stitch. in the dark. with lace weight.

Quite an adventure, huh? (*all the other knitters out there cringe*)

But actually, it was extremely successful. More so than I thought, I knit almost the entire time. haha, the only time I wasn’t knitting was when I was indulging myself with some popcorn ^_^

I got an *entire* inch knit. In three hours. This is a big deal, people. Big big deal.

This means, that I only have .5 inches left on the collar, technically, before I cast off.

My Ravelry project page tells me I’ve had this on the needles since July 23rd, 2010.

If I don’t get this thing done before July 23rd 2012, someone please badger, pester, and annoy me to get me to finish it. Because, this thing really. really. really. (haha) needs to get done.



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