Stripy TARDIS Socks. *wiggles with joy*

Yaaaay, Wispy cardigan update! Woot woot! Sadly, there’s some sad news with that update…

It looks kinda sad, doesn’t it, haha.

So, now for the story. I knit the whole shrug portion. Blocked it, seamed it. All that jazz, it looked amazing.

Then I tried it on. Yeah, no, it didn’t look amazing then, haha. It didn’t come close to staying on my shoulders…. it looked horrible, haha.

So after a discussion with my madre, and my fellow KAL person, Hannah, I decided to figure out where the middle of my back *felt* (not the measurements, cause we did that before and look where that got me, haha) mark that place with a marker and then frog to that marker. Which was obviously, before the fake seam.

So I did, and I’m about 1.5″ into the second sleeve. But since the yarn had been blocked and been in the “knit” position (cause that’s totally a position, don’t cha know, haha) the yarn was really… crinkly. (I think there’s a technical term for that, but I have no clue what it is, hahaha :-P) so that’s why the second half of it looks like a sad bundle of bleh. And the other half looks semi-decent. Minus the cat hair, haha. ^_^

But on more positive knitting knotes, I’m more than halfway done with a second sock! Yesssss.

Calling these my TARDIS socks. Because of the blue, obviously, and the gray kind of remind me of the TARDIS ^_^ This is Ladybug Fiber, which is some of the most amazing sock yarn I’ve knit with. Plus their customer service is awesome, they’re extremely sweet people :-) Go check out their stuff!!

So I’m kicking second-sock-syndrome in the rear, and getting this one knit up lickity-split. it’s my purse knitting, so it’s been everywhere with me :-P


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