Sugar Donut Muffins, yes please.

Went on a little baking adventure yesterday ^_^ Hadn’t done that in awhile…

I found these Sugar Donut Muffins (recipe there!) on Pinterest, and totally forgot about them until I saw them again when I was trying to find something om nom nom to make yesterday.

The minute I saw them it was like one of those “OH MY GOODNESS, YESSSSS!!” moments, haha ^_^

The only thing I added to the recipe was a couple dashes of cinnamon with the nutmeg. I’m sure it’d be delicious with any other yummy spice additions too :-P

They’re amazing for tea time, breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, any kind of time really, haha.

Definitely recommend these ^_^


7 thoughts on “Sugar Donut Muffins, yes please.

      • anjig says:

        Those muffins look so delicious, I so want to make them. It’s just that I made a batch of cookies and it’s so hard to resist them, I don’t need another tasty dessert…

      • Grace says:

        haha, thanks! You totally should, they take hardly any time at all… Life is too short to have only one delicious dessert hanging around :-P Do it! haha! :-P

  1. Hannah says:

    I’ve made snicker doodle muffins once that look very similar to those….they were heavenly. I’ll have to try these ones out

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