FO: Instant Gratification

I threw one of these together in about an afternoon. Two iCords, with the ends sewn to a ponytail holder. Made a little bow, and sewed it on. And tada!

I got me a little headband. While making the bow, I was brainstorming other cute things that would be cute on a headband. And I came up with lots of fun ideas :-P

On a competitive knitting (not really… but yes, kinda.) note, the event list for the Ravelympics was posted yesterday, and I’m SO EXCITED. Even though the Olympics aren’t for like… more than 2 months away, we knitters… we like to plan stuff ahead of time :-P

Like I said before, I’m a proud member of Team TARDIS. And even though I may be biased on multiple levels, we’re probably the best time out there. Just sayin’ ^_^

My mind is just bubbling with ideas of things to make… but alas, it seems pretty much crazy to fit like 5 sweaters into 27 days. Or however long the Olympics are. Because there are… definitely 5 sweaters I’d love to knit. Then you add on like shawls, cowls, hats, fingerless mitts, all that jazz… yeahhhh…

SO MUCH KNITTING, TOO LITTLE TIME. Agh. Heehee ^_^ I’ll just have to use the TARDIS to create extra knitting time for me, or something. I just have to be able to knit all the things I want to… in 27 days, haha.


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