Plans for Tour de Fleece and the Ravelympics ^_^

I’ve been working on that mysterious/surprise design thing, and I must say… even though this is a hugely big project, and I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed by all the calculations and stuff. But in spite of that, it’s coming along rather nicely. Still not saying what it’s going to be, or what my inspiration was.. I’m saving it :-P

I’ve gotten a huge dent in the Wispy cardigan.. I’m about 4.5″ past the little fake seam in the back. So, I have 5.5″ on the back part, then I’ll cast on a couple more stitches for the armhole.. then I’ll do the ribbing, and cast off. Progress! So awesome feeling!!

(Sheep tape measure. Sheepy. Sheepie… ^_^ *is definitely laughing*)

What else have I been up to?

Graduation stuffs, lots of graduation stuffs. Sending out announcements and such. And I’m taking my drivers test tomorrow, wheeeee… yeah, haha.

But I’ve also been gathering ideas and making plans for both the Tour de Fleece and the Ravelympics this year. SO EXCITED. And true, I’ve been like “SO AMAZING, CAN’T WAIT” then never done anything really in the past years… But, I’m going to try and make this year different ^_^

Plus, since I have the Bug this year, the Tour de Fleece will definitely be a ton easier, haha. And my spinning knowledge has grown a ton, so it’s all good. As for the Ravelympics, I’ve joined one team so far. And that team?


Yeah, I wasn’t really surprised either, haha :-P


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