What have I been up to?

I do apologize for my absence over the past couple of days, haha. I’ve been swamped with school stuff and getting everything ready for graduation (WHICH IS SO EXCITING) So, there will probably be spans of no posts for a couple of days in the future. Stuff has got to be done!

So what have I been doing? Actually, not a whole lot of knitting… *gasp* I have been knitting stuff, but nothing that’s like really… speaking to me, haha. Or anything that has had a ton of progress on, heh heh :-P

I did pick up that Granny Square blanket yesterday..

So that’s awesomeness! I’m still far far away from finishing it, but it is fun… good way to work on my crocheting skills :-P

I’ve been studying for various tests and working on various last papers… which Bertie has been helping me with, haha

He sits with me, so when I feel the need I can lay my head on him, haha. And he gives me a little chirp, then I get back to work.

To releve some of the stress of studying, during my breaks between subjects I’ve been treating myself to some P.G. Wodehouse. Which always puts me in a better mood, and I feel ready to conquer whatever I have left. Plus, I got that particular book in London… and my bookmark is a receipt from something in Paris. *happy Europe memories* That was almost a year ago in a couple of months..

And, more fiber oriented, I’ve been spinning! Hallelujah, I finished my first Loop batt! OH MY GOODNESS, IT’S SO AMAZING.

This was my first shipment of the Loop Bullseye Bump Club that I got my birthday. The colorway thing was called “Nature Chic” and it was 5.0ish oz. Which spun into an absolutely gorgeous 454yds of probably a DK Navajo ply.

Which, I’m pretty proud of myself… 454 yds is the most I’ve gotten to date. Of something that’s pretty nicely balanced, if I do say so myself :-P

Also, on Sunday, Joey, extremely nicely, took some senior pictures. Some of which included various knitted FOs and this skein of yarn…

It’s pretty happy happy. Plus, it’s got some sparkle (which makes me think of “sprinkle” but that’s something *totally* different ^_^) so that’s just awesomeness right there.

Bertie is also pretty happy for me too, haha. He, obviously, loves the sparkle, haha. Or maybe he just loves napping. Haha :-P


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