Casting on together ^_^

Ok, so *now* the KAL has officially begun ^_^ we cast on last night! Together, I might add! The internet is such an amazing thing, in that it enables us to be able to do things like that at the same time.. and see and hear each other as well.

Yep. We so did ^_^

And had a really fun time, heehee ^_^

We’ll see how long it takes us, haha. Hopefully it won’t take toooo long :-P But, even if it does, that’s totally awesome.. Because it’ll just be fun no matter what :-P

The yarn is sooo amazing, holy cow. I know why it’s so popular with everyone, haha. If you ever get the chance to knit with Finch, or any Quince and Co. yarn, and you haven’t tried it yet… I sooo recommend it. It’s SO NICE. holy cow, haha. So so so nice :-P


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