Let the KAL (almost) begin! ^_^

Tonight! Or sometime this afternoon… the KAL will start!! *so so happy!!*

So, obviously, Hannah and I are doing the Wispy Cardi by Hannah Fettig of the Knitbot. I’m using Finch from Quince and Co. in the Peacock colorway. And Hannah is using Misty Alpaca Silk, in a light purple. Eeeeeee ^_^

And I can’t waaaaait to get started ^_^ it looks like some really fun and interesting construction, so that’ll be exciting :-P

KALs make me happy ^_^ even more so when I get to do them with an awesome awesome friend. And the yarn is awesome. *and* the pattern is awesome. Everything is awesome! How could I go wrong, haha.


*hair is flipping every whichway* Wat, haha.

This picture just makes me laugh. Why, I don’t know. It was a tester picture to see if I had the settings right on my camera.. Yeah. That’s all. Hahahaha :-P


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