Things I love: Progress, KALs, and Friends

I love that stage in a project where you can just start to like try it on, see how it fits, be so happy with how it does fit, be really happy with.. I got there last night on the Judith Shrug I started at the end of March

And yeah, it does fit great. It’s so so so soft. It is the absolutely perfect weight. And all I have left is the sleeves. Which I don’t think I want too much longer than they are now, so I’ll probably just do a couple rounds of ribbing then cast off.

Plus, I really like the color. It’ll go really well with a ton of things :-P

On a possibly bad note, I got more yarn. And I’m going to be casting something on tonight. Or sometime in the very very new future. But it’s a really really happy thing (AND I’m practically finished with the Judith shrug, right? *tries to justify self* heehee :-P)

Hannah and I are going to do another KAL! *is so so so excited* We’ll be doing the Wispy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig of Knitbot(which is the fourth pattern from the top).

And another reason why I’m excited about this (which there are many reasons, which I’ll get to in just a minute, haha :-P) is that (cue long-winded answer) because yesterday was my mom’s birthday (happy birthday, mom!!) and she wanted the new Knitbot Esscentials book by Quince and Co. and the yarn to do the featherweight cardigan. And while she was placing her order, she asked me if I needed/wanted anything. And I couldn’t say no. It’s Quince and Co.! I’ve never knit with it before, but I’ve only heard amazingly awesome things about this. And it’s like Madelinetosh, I’m sure, you hear so many people talk about it and being like “OH MY GOODNESS. QUINCE AND COMPANY’S YARN!!!! *drools*” and but haven’t had the chance to knit with it yourself.

Well, nowwww. That’s changed ^_^

5 skeins of Finch in the Peacock colorway (dye lot: 001) And it’s some of the most squishy, bouncy, softie, BEAUTIFUL yarns ever. In my opinion. And I haven’t even knit with it yet, haha :-P Anyways, my mom got some Tern in the colorway Oyster (which is the white-ish one) for the Featherweight Cardigan

So what are some of the other reasons why I enjoy doing KALs with Hannah? Here’s a list…

1) She’s one of my best friends, I’d love doing anything with her.
2) We’re also knitting. Knitting something adorable. Can’t go wrong there.
3) It motivates me to finish it, heehee ^_^ (cause we all know I have a problem with that, haha :-P)
4) not that we need anything more in common, because there’s already a ton ^_^, but it’s just something else extremely fun that we can do together… even though she lives in Connecticut and I, obviously, live in Texas. Distance isn’t a problem.
and 5) it’s just stinking fun. So so so much fun.

So, I suggest… if you knit and have a friend, a family member, anyone who knits as well… pick something that you could do together. Or it doesn’t even have to be the exact same thing. Maybe, pick two different shawls, or two different hats. Not the same, but somewhat similar. It’s a really fun thing to do, and I know Hannah and I will be doing a ton more in the future… we already have a list going ^_^


2 thoughts on “Things I love: Progress, KALs, and Friends

  1. Hannah says:

    *just saw this now* awww! I’m so excited to start this with you Grace! Even though I’ve been crazy busy and keep forgetting to buy the pattern, I’m still really stoked to get it going ^_^

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