Trying to decide…

I’m trying to decide what I’m going to do with my handspun. That’s just pitifully calling my name from it’s home right now, on my chair. “Grace, come knit us! Please!! We love you!!”

It’s kind of a huge temptation, haha :-P

So, I’ve been thinking. And I’ve asked on some threads on Ravelry for ideas. And I’ve decided that color work, of some sort, would be really really cool. Which sounds a little crazy, I know.. and looks like it’ll be crazy. But it could actually be really really cool, It think. The colors compliment each other really well, and yep

I’m thinking… probably a hat. Or hand-warmers/wristies of some sort with color work. Any ideas? Any patterns that you love that have color work that only has two colors? Because if you do, I’d love to see them :-P

Or I might just end up figuring out my own little color work pattern and sticking it into my basic hat pattern… recipe.. thing, haha :-P

Anyways. I’m kinda excited about this. It’s handspun. How could you go wrong??


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