Loop is addicting.

I spent all of yesterday evening spinning. No knitting, just all spinning. Which, I guess isn’t that weird. But spinning Loops batts is like… SO ADDICTING! Theres so much color, so then there’s the bling, which we all know I love and adore :-P

I’m just getting started on the light pink.. and after that color, there are… two more colors, I think. So, I’m almost done, ish… but, that’s ok.. because my second batt for the club came in, and then my mom wanted some fun yarn for her birthday… so she picked out a batt for me to spin. And I may or may not have gotten one for myself at the same time, eh heh ^_^

Also, I have to come up with various pictures for graduation…

and it’s so much fun going through old pictures, haha. So much fun :-)


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