FO!!(!!!!!!): That Weird Blue Thing!


Well, hopefully the pictures are obvious, but I finally finished that weird blue thing that I’ve been (*cough* complaining *cough*) about for awhile now, haha :-P

But it is done now! Hallelujah! You can read my first post when I started this project, if you check this post out :-P It’s from the the 2nd chic Sublime bamboo & pearls dk book by Sublime…#647. Which, if you so desire to make this for yourself, you can get the book over here

This project is not for the faint of heart, some of the instruction was a big vague, which resulted in me having to rip out stuff a couple times, but nothing too huge. You just have to keep your eye out and always be on your toes :-P

I feel rather proud of myself for finishing this, haha. Because I really didn’t like putting it together, knitting it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. But I wanted to get it done. So done, it got. (yaaaayyy for incorrectly formed sentences ^_^)

Another UFO finished, stash yarn was completely used up (I literally had like 20 yards left over. ^_^) Yep, I’m pretty happy ^_^


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