My First Loop Batt ^_^

I started my Loop batt that was my first shipment of the Loop Bullseye Bump Club which I got for mah birthday


Yep yep, the sparkle kinda really really makes me happy. Every time it goes through my fingers, a little part of me goes “OOO, BLING! OOOOO”… silently, of course. cause that’d be weird if I said that out loud. *cough cough* I’d so never do that, right? Never. Ehhh heh ^_^ (though there was that *one* time… heehee)

Plus, it’s prepared soooo extremely nicely, I don’t have to do anything to it, just pull out the center, and I’m ready to go! And it’s soft. And it’s beautiful. And the colors are like amazing. AND IT’S GOT SPARKLE IN IT. Whoops, there I go again, sorry ^_^

Though I’m definitely not the first person to be like “holy cow, I adore Loop batts!!!”, I’ll still say it anyway. Because its just something that has to be said ^_^


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