FY! (finished yarn :-P) : Spring Morning #3

I was pretty successful yesterday. Not only did I get all 4oz of that fiber spun up, I also got all of it Navajo (surprise, right? haha :-P) plied.

I gave it it’s bath about 30 minutes ago, so it’s hanging up to dry right now.

The color is Spring Morning #3 (so I was wrong yesterday, when I said it was #7, haha)
it’s 100% BFL. And it came from Three Waters Farm (yaaayy! More surprises! haha :-P) and I got around 164 yards of a light worsted/heavy DK weight, I think.

Yep, yep. I’m pretty stinking happy with how it came out ^_^

Alsooooo, really happy and exciting news.

I’m finally starting to seam the weird blue thing ^_^ Yesssssss!


2 thoughts on “FY! (finished yarn :-P) : Spring Morning #3

  1. Sarah says:

    So much exciting news! That yarn is just beautiful~ the colors are gorgeous.

    The blue thing looks great~ the seam looks really nice! I’m terrible at seaming. >.<;

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