Fiber arts, I loves them.

Spinning makes me so happy, it’s just soooo soothing. The sound of the wheel… the feel of the fiber flying through my fingers as it twists..

This is my second braid out of the three I got from Three Waters Farm, which by now, it’s obvious that I adore all the fibers they offer ^_^ Heeheeeeee

This is Spring Morning 7, I think. 100% BFL, and it’s soooo awesomeee ^_^

Haha, I think I need a bumper sticker (for when I get a car, that is, haha) that says either “I <3 knitting" or "I <3 spinning" or both… haha :-P



3 thoughts on “Fiber arts, I loves them.

  1. anastasiawraight says:

    I recently bought some Three Waters Farm roving, and it is so wonderful! I’m not a very experienced spinner (working on my second project just now), but I have to say I’m getting hooked.

    Really enjoy reading your blog! :)

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