“Riiiight! The big blue wet thing!”

Steadily working on this strange blue thing. Which that’ll probably be its new name, haha :-P The Strange Blue thing. Which then reminds me of Fozzy Bear’s line in the Muppet’s Treasure Island “Riiiight! The big blue wet thing!” but obviously… this sweater/shrug thing… isn’t wet, haha :-P

I’m hurrying to get it done, for secret reasons, which you’ll find out soon. They’re happy happy reasons ^_^

Almost doneeee! ALMOST DONE!!!


2 thoughts on ““Riiiight! The big blue wet thing!”

  1. KnittedFox (@knittedfox) says:

    Ooh, secret happy reasons are exciting! I can’t wait to see it finished. It’s going to look super cute, I think!

    By the way, you totally have me pining to knit a Sublime pattern now. Once I finish this cardi I’m working on, maybe I should spoil myself and go buy a new pattern book. *^__^*

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