My spinning endeavors ^_^

I’ve been spinning! Which I haven’t done in awhile. I just wasn’t… *feeling* it, if you know what I mean :-P

But yesterday, during my rhetoric class, I had a huge urge to spin. So I did, and I lovedddd it. ^_^ It was good to be spinning again.

So, I mentioned that I started some of Three Water Farm’s BFL, and that was the last thing I did.

And this is what it finished up as about 20 minutes ago ^_^

210 yds of about a DK weight from 3.7oz, which I Navajo plied. This is the Safari colorway, and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. The colors in the picture doesn’t really do it justice…

The blues just pop because it’s surrounded by all the gorgeous reds and tans.

If you’re in the market for some AMAZING fiber. Go to Three Waters Farm, I really can’t suggest it enough. All the colors make my drool and wish I had tons of money to drop on fiber :-P Cause I totally would, if I had it, haha :-P

Mary Ann, owner of Three Waters Farm, has been adding these new spring colorways, and I’m just itching to get my hands on some, haha. Specifically the Flowering Quince colorway, the Black Pansies colorway, the Spring Morning 7 colorway, and pretty much all the other colors as well :-P

Yep, I’d definitely consider myself Three Waters Farm’s #1 fan ^_^

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