I like it when I learn stuff

Ze sleeves are done! Sleeve… thing. And back. And.. something else. That I’m not sure of, haha. All in that one piece. Yeah, I’m not sure :-P

So I gots this one last piece to make, then I’ll start putting it together. Which should be fun… and interesting :-P

As much as I’m complaining about I have no clue what’s going on, I am really enjoying knitting this. The yarn I’m using is really awesome, it’s not at all heavy for a cotton (which is amazinggg) it’s got nice drape, which is really important for this type of sweater.

And its definitely a mind bender, kind of a “Just follow the pattern, and it’ll be fine. You don’t know everything” type deal :-P And I enjoy that. I’ve noticed that the past couple of projects I’ve started/finished, though they do have more complicated attributes, they’re also somewhat simple, in a way.

So this… it’s a good “LETS LEARN SOMETHING” project :-P Definitely a good thing :-P

I love learning stuff. Especially when it comes to knitting ;-P


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