My life is a knitting adventure

does this look like it’s making any sense yet? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. I mean, I can see where the sleeves are and what it’s going to be is… I think. But how it’s going to be put together, I’m completely clueless. Oh well. It’s an adventure. I like adventures ^_^

Speaking of adventures, here’s my design thing I’m working on…

That be it ^_^ And that’s all I’m going to say/show you. Because… it’s still in the surprise mode, haha. But writing a pattern is a huge huge adventure. I am enjoying it, but it’s very tricky at times :-P SO WORTH IT!!

Bertie likes drinking out of the sink.

I do not know why, haha. He just does :-P

and I loves him anyways ^_^


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