The Adventure of Designing my First Sweater

Yesterday, I blogged about some yarn that come in the mail. Yesterday, I also began my try and designing a sweater.

Even though… I’m just starting out, and I’ve never done this before, I’m really enjoying the process. Haha, there’s something really…exhilarating knowing that “HAHAHA… I don’t have a pattern… Oh wait… O.o…”

I did a lot of math last night. Which, I was more than happy to do. True, it wasn’t like “Find all these unknowns with as little information as possible. Good luck!” (“And may the odds be ever in your favor!” obviously, they didn’t say that… but I mean it was the Hunger Games last night, how could I not make a reference? :-P)

I’m writing up a storm, trying to figure this all out. And I’m really enjoying it, haha.

I think it’ll be cool :-)


9 thoughts on “The Adventure of Designing my First Sweater

  1. Hannah says:

    Making your own sweater is SO much fun! ‘Cause it never gets boring, even if it’s stst in the round for 13 inches, it always keeps your interest because it’s all your own design. Can’t wait to see what it will look like!

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