Still confoozling…. O.o

The little Judith Shrug (which I’ll probably end up changing the name anyway, haha) has had some progress done on it. Woot woot!

It’s still just as confoozling looking, haha. I’m hoping it’s one of those times where it’s like “This looks really really weird. But I know if I just do what the pattern says… it’ll all be ok. Trust the pattern.”

Hopefully, haha :-P

it’s home is in this bag I got in Dublin. Happy times, happy memories ^_^

Also, I saw this on Ravelry today, and I’m kinda really obsessed with it. The DRIPS hat pattern from The Pretty Little Fiber Co.

It’s so extremely adorable, I WANT TO MAKE IT SO BAD. But 1) I shouldn’t cast anything on. and 2) *sigh* it’s not going to be hat weather any more soon. Well, I guess it’s not really hat weather *now*. Spring/summer is quickly coming upon us!


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