Two reasons for downright happiness ^_^

This post is very happy. For two reasons.

1) I decided that a sweater that I though wasn’t finished… was finished.

It’s technically supposed to have buttons. But I like it the way it is, haha.

The pattern is Soay by Gudrun Johnston of the Shetland Trader which you can buy for 6.00$ :-P

My yarn was… Tahki Cotton, of some sort.

To tell you the truth, I actually finished all the knitting of this last year, in May. Fo serious. But didn’t call it an FO, cause I thought I wanted to do the buttons. I found it last night when trying to decide what to wear to church, tried it on, and was like “You know what? Screw the buttons, I like it without”. To myself, cause it was like at 11:30, haha.

Windyyyyy ^_^ Or we could pretend it was one of those epic hair flips, that was just… perfect, haha :-P But I’m so excited about this, I don’t know why I was like “BUTTONS BUTTONS BUTTONS.” I like it without better than with, but that’s just me :-P

SO! Onto happy thing numero duos.

You might have noticed, but my hair was braided. I haven’t been able to braid my hair into pigtails since… last May.

But, as I think I’ve probably mentioned several times before, I’m growing my hair out again, cause I miss my long hair, haha.

I’m rather happy with how they turned out, haha.

because obviously my hair is still short, the ends stick up. But I think that’s cool.. even though I may look like Wendy, kinda, maybe not really. But same idea, haha :-P (But we’re not talking about *this* Wendy. *yaaaay inside jokes from Connecticut* ^_^)

Yep, today is a happy day :-)


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