I went UFO bin diving again. It should be a sport. Because I basically have to haul the bin out (plus a couple bags, haha) and then dig through all of them. Then find something that suits my fancy. And that’s not including yarn that doesn’t have a pattern yet, haha.

I started this last week, I think. And I got this yarn… last summer. And am now, finally getting around to making it, haha.

It’s going to be that, the Little Judi Shrug from Sublime….

and there’s one of the fronts and the neck bit. I have no clue how it’s going to all come together… because the sleeves are both knit… together, ish. It’s like you knit a sleeve… you do a little casting off, shaping for the neck and back, then you cast on bit do more shaping and then knit the left sleeve. It’s a bit confoozling. Cause “confoozling” is so a word, haha.

There are a bunch of random markers everywhere to mark… where you need to seam things together, I think.

Personally, I do not like the pattern. It’s confusing most of the time and often times you kinda have to use your knitter’s intuition and guess if the decreases are done on the right side or wrong side. But oh well, I adore the sweater/shrug thing, so hopefully… it’ll be worth it :-P

I’ve been spinning a little bit over the past couple of days, from more Three Waters Farm fiber that I ordered before we left for Connecticut. I seriously cannot get enough of her fibers, haha. SO BEAUTIFUL. Oh my goodness.

so that’s what I’ve been spinning off of, haha. It’s called Safari… 100% BFL wool, and 3.7 ounces. I’ve been trying to spin it thinner than the past couple of braids I’ve done.. just to see if I can do it, haha. Then I’ll probably do another Navajo ply… because 1) I love it. and can always use more practice and 2) I want to keep the colors together, because they’re so beautiful… they can totally stand by themselves. SO GORGEOUS!!


3 thoughts on “Confoozlingness…?

  1. KnittedFox (@knittedfox) says:

    Gah! I LOVE Sublime patterns! Actually yesterday I was debating on picking up one of the newest (at least to me) little books. It had these cardi’s to just die for. xD

    Anyways, this is such a great looking pattern! I can see how this would be a fun knit. The rib fabric looks light and comfy. It’s going to look fantastic when you’re done. Can’t wait to see it! :D

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