FO!!: Puss in Boots ^_^

Don’t you love those random and really amazing urges to do something?

Me too. Especially when it has to do with knitting. And knitting something really fast.

So, we went to Dallas for the weekendish. Thursday night to Saturday early afternoonish. And on… Wednesday night, I was browsing Pinterest (*cough* spending way too much time on there *cough*) and something caught my eye.

These huge chunky amazing looking slipper socks.

Free pattern on the Lion brand website, epiccccc! Though, the pattern is really simple. I made some mods to make the foot more fitting and the gusset more nice looking. But it was really easy to do, just take your basic sock principles and use them on this :-P

So, Thursday afternoon, before Ballet, my mom and I headed to Joann’s (cause we needed the buttons) and I got two balls of Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick in the Eggplant color. (which you can get on their website as well) and I had both socks done in about… a day and a half. Pretty epic sweet, if you ask me.

I loved the yarn though, it’s so so soft and squishy… it made a really dense fabric, which is good for house slippers. Plus, you can wash it *and* dry it.. win! And it’s really cheap, haha :-P

The pattern calls for a size US13 needle for a shoe size of 9-11. I have itty bitty feet, haha. So I went down to a US10, and they’re still a bit big for my taste in socks, haha, I like my socks pretty tight and not floppy. Though it’s not really floppy, haha.

I’ll definitely be making these again.. I think these would be really cool to make in like Harry Potter house cup colors. But next time, I might go down another needle size and make the leg longer..

Haha, first time I put them on they reminded me of Puss in Boots… in some weird way :-P You can check out my Ravelry project page here, if you so desire :-P (thowwie, Ravelry account required :-P)


One thought on “FO!!: Puss in Boots ^_^

  1. Erin Smith says:

    So cute! I have never made socks. Is it really hard? They do look like Puss in Boots! I love them!
    Glad that you got them finished so fast. You are the most accomplished and fastest knitter I know.

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