FO!!: Footsie

Someone finished somethingggg ^_^

Ze Beulah renamed “Footsie” (for reasons that shall remain unknown, haha :-P) which was designed by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark which was published in the Interweave Spring 2012 (which I want to make pretty much everything in the beginning of the magazine. It’s *that* good)

I loves it so much.

I had no mods whatsoever, and my yarn was Araucania Ranco Solid, and I used probably about 1 and a fourth balls. (the color was 134, if anyone is interested :-P)

When these pictures were taken, it was a little pause in this beautiful down-pour weather we’ve been having for the past couple of days. So, therefore… it’s really humid. Which then means… hair = POOF. So that’s why it looks a little… crazayyy, haha :-P

I’m not sure if I’ll had the embroidering around the neck, I think this is just adorable. But I’ll definitely make another one at some point, so I’ll probably do it then :-P

5 thoughts on “FO!!: Footsie

  1. Hannah says:

    wow…you did not just…?

    Haha, just teasing =P I would have never noticed if you hadn’t told me about that picture before, haha!

    looks cute though =)

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