It’s name shall be… Footsie.

Ze seaming is almost complete ^_^ Obviously, all that’s left is the sleeve seams.. then weaving in the ends

(it’s being held at the top with a little safety pin.. otherwise, it wouldn’t have really looked like anything when I had it on, haha)

Then there a little neck edging that needs to be picked up and done. Then the side edging and button holes. Which, we’re going to get buttons for this (and Chalet, haha) today ^_^

Also, I said I was pondering a new name for this, right? Well, I thought of it.

It’ll be called Footsie. (Don’t give me that look, Emily, hahahaha ^_^) for reasons that are rather complicated and mainly inside jokes. But yessss, that’s the new name ^_^

I’m lovinggggg iiiit. And can’t wait till it’s done ^_^


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