My hands smell like Soak, and I’m a happy person.

So. Now it’s finally happened, I can talk about it. Before, I couldn’t, and I was *THIS CLOSE* to exploding.

For one of the bestest friends ever, Joey and I went to Connecticut for a week to surprise her for her birthday.

And just to say things simply for now, because I’m short on time, it was so extremely epic, you have no clue whatsoever.

lots of pictures were taken (470, to be exact. Which I’m told thats still not enough, but the epicness in each pictures makes up for the apparently, small number, haha :-P)

So, we just got back last night… at like 10 ish. So, today was full of laundry and getting things back to normal… and missing really amazing people. BUT! Tomorrow, holds going through pictures and posting them in a special facebook album, which then pictures will be posted here. So! Never fear :-P

But on the knitting side of things, I got soooo much. I finished an entire sweater (minus the buttons, which shall be gotten tomorrow) finished all the pieces for another sweater (which also requires buttons… which shall also be gotten tomorrow, haha) I finished the second sock to a pair. I… finished a hand spun hat on just one flight (I was very proud of myself, haha)

So after all the important things were done today, I blocked the sweater pieces so I get to work on putting it together.

It’s been awhile, but this is the Beulah sweater (which shall be getting a new name. It’s being thought about at the moment :-P)

I love love love LOVE the way my hands smell (and my bathroom, haha) after I wash something in Soak… in the Unraveled scent, I think. Whatever the Ravelry one is… IT SMELLS SO AMAZING.

And the yarn, after the washing it’s so so soft and smushy. Which is pretty amazing, because it was already really soft and smushy. So now.. it’s soft and smushy and smells good ^_^

So yes, be on the look out for amazing pictures of amazing people. People who I miss. Like crazy. Major major crazy, haha.


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