It’s like butter in mah hands…

So, I *have* been really good about finishing my UFO items. My bin is almost empty (I’m serious! There are only like… 3 or 4 things left! I CAN SEE THE BOTTOM!! This is huge)

Therefore. I get to cast something new on. It is small. It will get done, I promise. PLUS! This is stash yarn. So, it’s even better ^_^

Obviously, this is from Sweet Fiber on Etsy. And this stuff. Is so extremely soft. It feels like butter. No exaggeration. Like, even more so than like.. Malabrigo (which I’ve heard called “fluff” and “clouds” which is very true, haha :-P) But it’s got a really nice twist, so theres no chance of it falling apart. Epic win.

PLUS THE COLOR?! Oh my goodness. All of Sweet Fiber’s colors are so. extremely. beautiful. If I had the money, I’d probably buy everything.

So, what will I be making? I’ll be making the Bandana Cowl from the Purlbee Soho (free pattern, yaaaayyy!)

I’ve had this cowl in my queue on Ravelry for awhile. And now ^_^ I get to make it. Heehee!


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