Let it be known..

Dear World,

Let it be known that my friend, Hannah. E, is one of the bestestest people. In the entire world. For many reasons. But one particular reason is that… She knit me. a TARDIS (yes. A TARDIS) Laptop cover.

Annnnnd, I’m still kinda geeking out about it. Which is saying something, because I got the package yesterday. IT’S THE TARDIS! IT’S A LAPTOP CASE! HOLY COW! I had no clue.

When I opened it, many fan-girl-like squeals escaped me… and maybe I wiggled a little bit. Heehee ^_^

I still can’t believe it, haha. It’s just *that* cool. And I’m *that* big of a Doctor Who fan, but that was already an extremely well known fact… haha :-P

So yes, it is very sad for me to say that I live far away from Hannah, so I am not able to express my gratitude in person with hugs and such. But she really is amazing. Like, really really really ^_^ <3

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