And I shall call it.. London Streets

Ze back is done. ^_^

And I’ve finished the ribbing on the left side, and am about… 15 rows into the stockinette stitch part, before the increases.

The big news of the day? Like huge huge huge??

I finished Spectra ^_^ Which I’m calling London Streets(ravelry link), because I got the yarn, obviously, in London… at the iKnit store in Waterloo of Greater London. And the colors also just kinda remind me of the colors that *were* London… that I saw anyway, haha. If that makes sense, haha :-P

there’s one picture, but some better ones will be taken in the near future though :-P Never fear! It is a shawl/scarf thing. More so a scarf… I’m wearing it right now, actually ^_^ It’s so nice and squishy and warm… I’m soooo loving it. But it’s also not heavy, and I’m almost positive I’ll be able to wear it when it gets warmer as well!

This project definitely required a lot of perseverance, haha. But it was SO EXTREMELY worth it. It’s going to look *amazing* with anything.

Also… since this is done. I mean, this one of my UFOs that was stashed away in one of my many bins of UFOs. I should… be able to… work *whispers* cast something on *whispers* on something… don’t you think? As a reward. Maybe?

And, technically. Thing I’d be “working on”.. *cough* heh heh … would be repurposing some yarn that I used to start the Gnarled Oak cardigan.

Since then, it has been sitting in that UFO bin just… sitting there. And something else has also caught my eye. And that would be Chalet by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Annnnnd, I really really want to make that. Like realllllllly bad. Heehee ^_^


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