Spin Me Some Shetland

So I learned how to Navajo ply, without wanting to rip my hair out in the process. I’m so excited about this. Because 1) it was easy. it *is* easy. and 2) I adore how it ends up. It’s so.. squishy. And poofy. And.. just awesome.

I did this month of TheKnitGirllls’ “Expand your Horizons” which was Shetland. (“Expanding Your Horizons, being just where every other month, you spin the chosen fiber… that happens to be something that people don’t normally spin with. I think this is an uber cool idea)

(and actually. The tutorial I used on how to Navajo ply was by TheKnitGirllls, (which is the last video on the list, but all of the tutorials are uber helpful!) and it was really really awesome. It was extremely clear, and made it seem uber easy. Which it really is :-P Before I was scared to do it.. but now, it’s my #1 choice :-P)

So here is the result of my spinning and learning of ze Navajo ply. I got around 122 yards on each color of probably a worsted (which I believe is my first *true* worsted, haha)

It’s really hard to photograph the colors, haha. They’re just so extremely vibrant and beautiful… Plus, you can’t fully know how amazing it is, because you can’t touch it. Because, if you touched it.. or squished it… or smelled it… you would be like “OHMAHGOODNESS. I need to get me some of that stuff”

And you *can* get some of that stuff :-P Over at Friday Studios on Etsy. Frida is so nice, and the product is *AMAZING*. The blue colorway is called “Almost Blue Skies” and the rainbow one (which I adore. With my entire heart.) is called “Rainbow Softies”

So yeah, if you need some Shetland (which I *really* recommend, it’s such a beautiful and soft fiber to spin with!!) you should get some from Friday Studios. It. Is. epic.

Also, I’ve reached 68 wedges on my Spectra..

out of 85. So… I have 17 left. I CAN TASTE THE VICTORY OF FINISHING THIS. I’ve had this on the needles since we were in London.. which was last…Juneish. This thing is ready to be done. Though I do really enjoy knitting it, I love how it’s turning out. But it needs to be done, haha :-P


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