Bullseye Bump Club

Ok, so I cast on something new. I really do have a problem, and I’m totally willing to admit it, haha. I HAD TO! I do feel like I deserved it though… I had finished almost all the gift knitting, except the last one (which is really simple, so it doesn’t count)… so I thought a little reward was in order ^_^

This really small, uber uber easy, little cardigan. Called Beulah. (Personally, the name makes me laugh. So I’m on the look out for a new name :-P)

Basic shaping, nothing fancy *at all* in the construction or shaping. IT’S SO NICE.

I’m mainly working on Spectra(which is currently 62 wedges out of 85. 23 left! Woot woot!) right now, because I really really want to get that done. But this is kinda my “Heehee, lets have a little break. You deserve it” project :-P

Also, my first birthday Loop batt, from the Bullseye Bumb Club, came in the mail on Saturday. AND I’M SO EXCITED TO SPIN IT! (mainly because I just figured out how to Navajo ply, but that’s for another blog post :-P)

This was my surprise bump. Batt. Thing. Poof. It’s got merino, corriedale, nylon, bamboo, tussah silk, and angelina in it. Did I mention I was excited about this? Cause I am.


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