Look, look! I made a skirt!!

I made a skirt today ^_^ With a lot of help from my mom, which was really nice of her. I took several pictures, haha :-P

This pattern, was uber uber uber easy. My mom did say that if you didn’t really have a whole lot of sewing experience or knowledge, it might be a bit confusing and frustrating at times. But, thanks to my mom, we didn’t really have many big problems at all. This pattern came from the Grosgrain blog and I definitely recommend it. The blog and the pattern, haha. The only thing different we did, was have 3″ wide elastic, to create a wider and more fitted top. But next time I do this again, I’ll try it with thinner elastic..

Bertie helped a lot :-P

He’s so cute. And helpful. Rolling in that pile of catnip.

*the lyrics “ROLLIN’ IN THE DEEEEEEEEP (pile of catnipppp)!!” ran through my head* Kinda seems fitting, haha.

2 thoughts on “Look, look! I made a skirt!!

  1. Erin Smith says:

    That is a really pretty skirt! I love it! Great idea too! Think I make me a new skirt too!
    I loved your last post about 19 before 20. after reading that I thought I might do that too. Only mine would be 22 before 23 =D
    I love reading your blog. Thank you!

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