19 before 20

So, now I’m officially 19 (I was told I was born very late a night, so now I’m *really* 19, haha)

One of the blogs I read, love, and have taken e-classes from, A Beautiful Mess, had a really cool idea.

Making lists titled “19 before 20” or whatever age works. Meaning, I would list 19 things I want to do before I turn 20 (which is a scary thought, so we won’t go there, haha)

I’m graduating this year, I have a ton of goals and fun things I want to do. And I want to share some of them with you guys :-)

I do apologize for my handwriting, if it is illegible, heh heh. It just kinda does that sometimes :-P

Obviously, some of those things are just silly and fun things.. like going to see the Hunger Games (*cue fan girl squeal*)…visit friends, all that jazz. But they’re things I want to do while I’m 19, so it’s goin’ on the list. Oh yes.

So when I turn 20, I’ll make a new list, and look back on this one and see how successful I was :-P

This is a really really cool and fun idea, and you should *definitely* check out A Beautiful Mess for more amazingly awesome ideas/crafts/recipes/outfits/everything vintage.


3 thoughts on “19 before 20

  1. Hannah says:

    Me and one of my friends did a “bucket list” of…50, I think?…things we had to do before we turned 16. Some of them were *CRAZY*! (Like sleeping in a bathtub…have yet to do that) So even though we didn’t do them all, it was still a lot of fun!

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