FO: Dovetail!

We got ourselves an FO, ladies and gentlemen! Which is pretty awesome. Three whole days! WOOT WOOT! (I would also like to point out that in that picture, the red is very obvious. in my hair… Wheeee!)

Once again… my hair does not cooperate at ALL. There are flips all over the place where they *shouldn’t* be. Bleh. Oh well, that’s really not the point, haha.

Pattern: Dovetail by Carina Spencer
Needles: US 7
Yarn: Classic Elite’s Liberty Wool
Colorway: 7846 (dyelot: 477)
Yards: 207.4 yds (about 1.6 balls)
Mods: None. This pattern is perfection.
My Project Page on Ravelry *account required, sorry non-ravelry people! :-( *

I am very sad I must part with this. Because the yarn is amazing. the pattern looks gorgeous. (Seriously, Carina Spencer is a genius.) But it’s going to a good home, haha :-P

Its awesome how fast it knit up… which was nice, because every so often, knitters get into this funk of “Ugh, I haven’t finished *ANYTHING* recently. I feel so bad about that” (i.e. me, haha) and this was enough to be like “Aaaah. That was happy. It’s done. And it’s awesome” ^_^

I’ll definitely be making this cowl again. Ooooh ho yes.

(also, I have pizza dough rising right now, from this delicious looking recipe. I’ll let you know how they turn out :-P)

(Also, again, I’m taking the ACT tomorrow >.< Please hope I do not explode before or during the test. That'd be bad.)


10 thoughts on “FO: Dovetail!

  1. Erin says:

    That is a lovely cowl!! And that pizza dough looks fabulous. Don’t worry about your hair ;) at least it still looks cute. My hair looks awful today… like terrible…
    I love getting your blog posts on my email, I read every one! and since I like to read them again, I made a folder especially for your emails. yep, you are so cool, you have your own, personal folder in my email. =D

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