Every knitter loves to hear “You’re halfway done!!”

I love knitting. I love spinning. Especially when things go well and end up just how I want them too.

Last night, while watching Lord Peter Wimsey: Strong Poison with my mom(number one in the Harriet Vane collection :-P), I spun 4oz of my last braid of Northboundknitting Mixed BFL combed top in the color Ms. Moon (which you can get by heading on over to that link ^_^)

Divided it in half, spun it relatively the same, then plied both halves. Annnnd…

I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s far far far from perfect, but I’m proud of it ^_^ I tried multiple times to try and get the color closest to what it is in person, haha, but it could not be done. The colors, especially that dark dark pink, is just so vibrant, it’s like “AAAGHHHH”…

I’m a big sucker for amazing color ^_^

It’s actually going to be a gift… my first handspun gift. I can’t wait to give it to the recipient ^_^ I got 106yds of a kinda worsted, I think. And it’s hanging up in the bathtub right now.

I love washing yarn that I’ve spun. Seeing it get clean, the smell of wet wool and Soak (which I adore, btw. It’s amazing) then my hands smell like that. It’s a happy feeling ^_^

But I also put a major dent in Dovetail yesterday. (Thanks to Lord Peter’s amazingness :-P)

I loved the fact that in the written out directions (opposed to the charted directions) once you get past a certain row it said “You’re halfway done!”. I thought that was a really cute thing to do…haha, definitely what someone wants to hear when knitting anything :-P


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