Test knitting! ^_^

I’m alllllmost done. Alllllmost. So close, I could probably finish it this afternoon.

Not that it was a race (heh heh ^_^) with Hannah… but she did end up winning, haha :-P And it looks really really amazing! It’s such a beautiful pattern…

On a totally different side note, I’m test knitting for Falling Stitches!

Doesn’t look like anything right now, haha, because it’s all squished on a 24″ needle… :-P But I *just* (as in like.. about 5 minutes ago, haha) finished the raglan increases, so I get to divide for the sleeves!

It’s a really really cute pattern, and I’m so excited to get to test knit this for Ariane :-D


let’s just pretend there’s been a ton of progress on Trillian. Oh yeah, like a ton. Not… but… yeahhh, haha.

My knitting time has a bit smushed last week and this week… because I have a big paper due on Friday and I’m taking the ACT on Saturday (*cue foreboding music*)

And I have some gift knitting. That really… really needs to get done, haha.

But I’m so going to finish (or at least make a huge effort, haha) Julissa tonight. So that way I can feel a little better about myself. Heh heh.

It also doesn’t help that there have been so so so so many adorable and amazing patterns published since the beginning of the year.


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